Let choosing the best candidate be the only hard part with Dropboard Business

More tools. More sophistication. That snug-as-a-glove feeling. And custom questions on your application form.

A complete candidate profile

Email notifications to your hiring managers beautifully display all of a candidateā€™s responses alongside their resume.

Just reply to engage the candidate.

Drag and drop

A friendly form editor lets you build custom fields to vet applicants.

Mark fields optional or required, collect references and files up to 10MB each, and add instructive paragraphs to give context.

About our hiring process
Paragraph, optional
Candidate reference, required
Years experience
Select, required
Tell us something interesting about yourself?
Long text, required
Upload any certifications you have
File upload, optional

Powerful candidate database

In addition to instant email notifications, Dropboard Business gives you a repository of all your candidates for all time.

Find candidates
Quickly search candidates, filter by job or location, and sort columns so you can review candidates efficiently.
Answers to custom questions
The candidate table scrolls to the right to show responses to all your custom questions.
Export to CSV
Copy your candidates into a spreadsheet at any time for further review or manipulation.

Job search and location filtering

Have a lot of job openings? Turn on an instant job search and a way for candidates to filter jobs by location.

Search doubles as a quick way to list all jobs
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Add perks, diversity, and culture statements

Include custom sections into your job descriptions. Give candidates a bullet list of benefits, state your commitment to diversity, or include legal disclosures.

Diversity and inclusion
Company perks
About the Sales team